Beam Light 350W

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Beam Light 350W


350W 17R Beam Wash Spot 3IN1 with ZOOM
Item No.: BM-350
Voltage: AC100-240V 50 / 60Hz
Power: 500W
Light source: HRI 350W
Ballast: electronic ballast
Channel: 18/22 two channel modes
Color: one color wheel, 13 color chips
Pattern: a fixed pattern plate, 13 patterns + white light,
       One rotating gobo wheel, 9 gobos + white light
Prisms: two rotatable prisms, one 8 prism and one straight 6 prism
Atomization: gradient atomization, dyeing angle 5-30 degrees
Strobe: 0.5-14 times / second, multiple strobe effects
Optics: High-precision glass optical lens, linear zoom 0-20 degrees
Head Movement: X axis 540° Y axis 270°
Features: 16 prism + row mirror, two prisms can be superimposed, linear zoom in and out.