Beam Light 440W

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Beam Light 440W


440W 20R Beam Wash Spot 3IN1 with ZOOM CMY
Item No.: BM-440
Lamp: 440W
CMY: CMYcolor mixing system 
CTO: 3200K to 6500K 
With RDM function
Color wheel: 13 colors + open,Variable direction rainbow effect with speed adjustable

Fixed Gobo wheel: 14 Gobo + open 
Rotating Gobo wheel: 7 Gobo + open
Animation wheel: 3 animation wheel+open (can make special dynamic flame or water effect)     
Prism: 8+16-face prism, CW/CCW rotation,Auto focusing when zooming 

ZOOM: Linear motorized Zoom from 3°to 62°angle
Strobe: Preset variable/random stroble and dimming pulse effect
Pan/Tilt: 540°Pan scanning, 270°Tilt scanning
8/16 -bit smooth PAN/TILT movement
Pan / Tilt position automatic correction
Focus:linear focus